If Apache doesn’t start, or anything else seems wrong, make sure to check Apache’s error_log. It usually points into the right direction.

A general note about Apache configuration which might be in order. With most config directives, it is important to pay attention where to put them - the order does not matter, but the context does. There is the concept of directory contexts and vhost contexts, which must not be overlooked. Things can be “global”, or inside a <VirtualHost> container, or within a <Directory> container.

This matters because Apache applies the config recursively onto subdirectories, and for each request it does a “merge” of possibly overlapping directives. Settings in vhost context are merged only when the server forks, while settings in directory context are merged for each request. This is also the reason why some of mod_asn’s config directives are programmed to be used in one or the other context, for performance reasons.

The install docs you are reading attempt to always point out in which context the directives belong.


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